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14 Feb 1995 12:55:22 -0800

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> jan van pufelen wrote that he likes the idea of a cultural link
>between the painted caves of europe and the sistine chapel, but
>expresses concern that such a link is sceintifically untenable.

Untenable is probably too strong a word; I'd call it somewhat fanciful,
perhaps slightly implausible, but not impossible.

I had suggested the possibility based on the possible linkage between the
tuscan style of renaissance art, to the pre-roman etruscans, all the way
back to the pre-indo-european cultures of western europe and hence to the
ice-age artists of lascaux and altamira. tenuous, but not completely

>on two levels the question may be addressed briefly:
>the artistic tradition clearly is linked (monumental art)
>the physical use is apparently linked (mystery religions,

Except that the caves were long buried and forgotten, and renaissance rome
and florence, at least consciously, looked back to the classical
mediteranean and christianity for their inspiration.

>no one has bridged the gap of the mesolithic in archaeolical
>terms to bring a clear, physical link to the public.

Go for it. Sounds like fun to me.

>however, study the polished stone lamp in lascaux and the
>abstract designs resembling signage in lascaux and review
>the less published dates for occupation periods there,
>if you really want to know.

Could you be a little more explicit here? I was wondering about an
invisible thread of connection between the ice-age artists of the caves and
michealangelo; not only because they painted monumental scenes of
surpassing beauty on the ceiling, but because of the possibility of an
actual physical and/or cultural chain of direct transmission between them.
It sounds like you had something else in mind; could you explain?

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