Re: Effectual Demonstration at Rutgers (fwd)
Tue, 14 Feb 1995 04:17:42 GMT

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Juan Noyles <> writes:

>I know most of you will probably say this is off topic, but I'm hoping
>that some students at Rutgers will read at *least* one of these
>newsgroups and consider the ideas...
>From: David Guerrero <>
>Newgroups: soc.culture.african.american
> One idea,
> Check out as many books as you can from the school's
>main library as you can. I don't mean as many as can fit in your school
>bag, I mean bring the cars, vans, whatever you can haul the
>books off with.
> You will force everyone, I mean all the students,
>especially if it is during midterms to stop and face this issue.
> When the Prez is gone the books come back!

Why do you want to cause undue stress on the library? To punish the
librarians and the staff? Arg. Please don't even think about it!