Re: Heritability "101" (a bit long)

Rolf Marvin B€e Lindgren (
15 Feb 1995 06:24:17 GMT


| > The data doesn't show it's swamped. Environmental factors account for 40%.
| First, a disclaimer. I /know/ I shouldn't let myself get sucked into
| this. But I hate to see this argument going on as if the basic
| assumptions behind the debate were flawless. I've already attacked the
| notion that I.Q. tests accurately determine that nebulous quality we
| call 'intelligence,' and I've seen other people do the same thing. But
| there's another issue here which, so far, I haven't seen thoroughly
| addressed, and that's the concept of heritibility.
Fury, I don't know which groups you actually read, but H&M's incorrect
interpretation of heredity issues has been demonstrated to death here in
sci.psychology, presumably not to much avail.

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