Re: Who is Lileth?2

Jeffrey Hertzberg (
Wed, 15 Feb 1995 17:15:03 GMT (Keith Dever) wrote:
> Who is Lileth? I have heard that it is a Jewish legend that she preceded
> Eve. Have any of you anthro-types heard of that legend?

Lileth appears in Eastern European Jewish myths/legends; ie, not really part
of the religious doctrine, but appearing in less formal religious writings.
I may be wrong, but the legend of Lileth may be in the Caballah, a book
of Jewish mysticism from the era I'm thinking of. Basically, the story
is that Lileth would not assume a submissive position (sexually) with
Adam, so she was rejected (all the way to Hell!), in favor of Eve.
Lileth is a powerful figure in Jewish feminism.

Jeff Hertzberg