Re: Evolution Conclusively Disproved

Mark A. Stevens MD (
12 Feb 1995 21:13:08 GMT

Derek Abbott ( wrote:

: Here's conclusive evidence that evolution as we know it is incorrect:

: 1) Pig meat is the closet to human meat

Good grief! You've had *both*?

: 2) Pig milk is the closest to human breast milk

Where do you get this? I'd like citations for both these claims.

: 3) Pig hearts are used for human heart transplants.

No, they're not - porcine valves are used to replace human valves. That
has much more to do with their size and shape than with anything else. I
would imagine that valves from hearts of apes of essentially the same
size and blood volume would work even better. Ever notice, though, that
apes are _really_ expensive compared to pigs? Think that could have
anything to do with it?

The only animal to human heart transplant I've read about involved a
baboon heart.

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