Re: Effectual Demonstration at Rutgers (fwd)

Insomniac (
11 Feb 1995 17:32:46 GMT

Juan Noyles ( wrote:

: One idea,
: Check out as many books as you can from the school's
: main library as you can. I don't mean as many as can fit in your school
: bag, I mean bring the cars, vans, whatever you can haul the
: books off with.
: You will force everyone, I mean all the students,
: especially if it is during midterms to stop and face this issue.

: When the Prez is gone the books come back!

Yeah, that's why this is a terrible idea. There is absolutely no sense in
using blackmail-type-tactics that only hurt the students. There is only
ONE person that did, no make that said, anything wrong in this case.

I'm really dissapointed that anyone would even think of hurting students'
ability to learn, for that is the primary reason they are at Rutgers.

Ruining a basketball game, OTOH, may not be nice to the fans, but
basketball is not the primary goal of an institution of higher learning.


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