hekatologos 1736

11 Feb 1995 12:01:28 -0500

1736 Brostaigh chugainn e, a Dhia! (Hasten it to us, oh God!)

With a monumental and careless energy a city was built, five times
as quickly as London or Paris, eight times as quickly as Rome,
every sixth of a mile a splendid wide avenue, every twentieth of a
mile an intersecting sidestreet, and into this collosal grid were
plugged buildings, later to be unplugged and replaced when each
had outlived its usefulness. But alas, while some could be un-
plugged at a profit, others could not, and here we see a fine
restaurant or boutique, there a squallid ruin. And what was once
the proudest and most exciting city in the nation, perhaps in
the world, has become an urban desert, one part glittering oasis,
forty parts crumbling debris. [An Realta, Book Seventeen]
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