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11 Feb 1995 06:58:47 GMT

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> > >I'm afraid you don't know much yourself. In the example above, you
show your
> > >ignorance. Try this, I have blue eyes. Is that a race? no, it is a
> > >characteristic. Do I have a tendancy towards certain types of cancer?
> > >and that is not race-definitive. Do i come from a gene pool
> > >different from a black man? Yes. This is the basis of how we
catigorize race.
> > >Live with it or not, but if you cannot, then your denial prevents you
> > >really thinking about race related problems. Which is probably your
> > >anyway.
> >
> > In addition to Jerrybro's problems, Marty, you have the more serious
> > of being unable to read or think. Can you even define the concept of
> > a gene pool "significantly different" from that of a black man? I
> >***
> >Yes. Blacks had at least tens of thousands of years of seperate
> >Blacks and whites have significantly different physical features(and
> >customs, matriarch vs patriarch rule).
> Human evolution was never that separate. People have traveled back and
> forth across the "gene pool" for thousands of years.
> >
> > didn't think so. Not to mention that the concept of "the gene pool"
> > of an individual is hilariously nonsensical. (I won't even get into
> >******
> >Did I ever say an individual gene pool? NO.
> >The anglo-saxon gene pool that coughed me up is different from the one
> >coughed up blacks.
> Not necessarily. It's been posted here and elsewhere, time and time
> that you are genetically closer to some blacks than to some whites.

That thought occurred to me also... It seems that lots of American blacks
would be genetically as close or closer to American caucasians, as to a
person living in africa.. Especially in the South.

I guess depending on what your dad did in his youth, you could find that
you share 1/4 of your genes with a "black" person. Lots of people in
America do..