Re: IQ AND RACE. The taboo subject.

Stephen Lajoie (
Sat, 11 Feb 1995 19:09:41 GMT

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Arun Gupta <> wrote:
>In article <>, Stephen Lajoie <> wrote:
>>In my first response to this thread, long ago, I stated that there was
>>serious reasons why one could not say that IQ was related to race.
>>Later on, I stated that many professors are muzzled by political
>>pressure to not state the obvious; that race and IQ are correlated. I
>>knew very well that many professors will tell you they are not related in
>>Well, the is a case in the news now. Francis Lawrence, president of
>>Rutgers university, said that SAT scores were unfair because black
>>students lacked the genetic and hereditary background needed to score
>>high on them.
>>He's taken it back, he said he mispoke, he apoligized, but the clamor
>>for his firing still goes on. He is under a great deal of political
>>pressure to quit or be fired.
>Its interesting, his remarks were made in November of last year; and
>it is only because his speech was videotaped that there is a ruckus now.
>He had already said that "The Bell Curve" was poor science. Other profs.
>said that TBC was on his mind and this was a slip of tongue. The speech
>was about Rutgers' outreach to minority communities and the difficulties
>in that. [all from an NJ newspaper]
>-arun gupta

It is interesting that he was working in the best interest of Blacks,
trying to remove the SAT scores that showed that a disproportionate
number of Blacks were not likely to do well in college, and was still
attacked. His very words were that the SAT was unfair!

It just goes to show that even people who SUPPORT the PC view will be
crucified if they say the forbidden words.

There have been other cases of this, this was just the most recent. I
would have to say that anyone who contest the fact that there is ENORMOUS
pressure to not say that race and intelligence is related is simply not
facing reality.

Steve La Joie