Re: IQ AND RACE. The taboo subject.

Lane Singer (
12 Feb 1995 17:04:54 GMT

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>There is also a correlation between IQ and homosexuality.
>Homosexuals tend to be more creative then heterosexuals
>and IQ does measure ones creative ability.
>Some say homosexuals are so creative because they have
>to release their repressed angst in some creative way.

I think this is a valid topic WRT neuroscience. It's possible
that gay people are able to utilize their brains in a more holistic,
non-gender-specific way. Although men and women are nearly identical
in terms of brain usage, different metabolic rates have been
isolated in the limbic region, with men possessing higher rates
in some areas, and women in others.

There are also studies which have revealed morphological
differences between the brains of straight and gay men. The
corpus colosum, for instance, which is larger in women than
in men, is also larger in the brains of gay men. Of course,
one doesn't have to be gay to be intelligent. These features
are simply interesting in that they can help shed light on
a few of the parameters involved in cognition.

>Asians on the other hand, score high on IQ, not
>because of their creative ability, but because
>they are just good test takers.
>In my opinion, Whites are more creative than Asians,
>but Asians have stronger work ethics than whites.

I disagree most wholeheartedly. Asians are enormously creative,
as are all human populations. It is the case that some cultures
allow for more creativity than others, and some have a stronger
emphasis on academic application, but this is entirely an
environmental issue, and has nothing whatsoever to do with
genetically inherent disposition.