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12 Feb 1995 15:05:58 GMT

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Warren Sarle <> wrote:
>African and Asian IQ is of dubious quality. But I don't see any
>place in the book where H&M rely on Rushton; I don't suppose you
>could provide a page number?

M&H barely mention Rushton. There is, I believe, one reference in
the main body of the text pointing the reader to two pages in
appendix 5.

>|> >John McCarthy, Computer Science Department, Stanford, CA 94305
>|> >*
>|> >He who refuses to do arithmetic is doomed to talk nonsense.
>|> So you support the "proposition" that differences in
>|> white-black-Asian status in society are due to inherited
>|> intelligence? That "blacks" are dumber on average than "whites?"
>Is there supposed to be some logical connection between McCarthy's
>signature and Turton's questions???

Hmmn. I always assumed a logical connection between sensitivity
about one's mathematical background and an objection to McCarthy's
opinions :>.

In the unlikely event that the Jennifer Mansfield-Jones
Biology Department has an
official opinion, this isn't it.