Re: Evolution Conclusively Disproved

Derek Abbott (
11 Feb 1995 00:39:52 GMT

In article <3gikv2$> carl@SOL1.GPS.CALTECH.EDU writes:
:In article <3g8s7o$>, (David M. Cook) writes:
:=In article <3g4f9s$>,
:=Derek Abbott <> wrote:
:=:Here's conclusive evidence that evolution as we know it is incorrect:
:=:1) Pig meat is the closet to human meat
:=:2) Pig milk is the closest to human breast milk
:=:3) Pig hearts are used for human heart transplants.
:=Hee, hee, hee. Good troll. Everybody fell for it.
:Ah, yes. The mark of the sophomoric newbie. Had you been around for a few
:years, you'd realize that Derek actually believe the bullshit he posts. You
:missed, for example, the thread where he claimed that pi is a random number
:(and spent two months trying to defend that claim). Sorry, Derek IS,
:apparently, the moron he appears to be.

The newbie's have probably guessed that Carl loves to judge people by his own
standards. He's the king pin of projection.

Also it doesn't seem as if he has ever experienced being on a debating team
otherwise he would understand more about taking different positions and having
a bit of fun with it.

Please make allowances for him, he is not entirely a moron, a deprived
childhood has probably made him austere, unloved and a total kill joy.

He needs love and acceptance. Cradle him, tell him he is wonderful, tell
him you understand his cruel plight....but please don't flame him. There could
be hope yet.