Re: Rutgers (was: Re: IQ AND RACE. The taboo subject.)

Gordon Fitch (
10 Feb 1995 14:45:04 -0500 (Bob Webster):
| ...
| People should be proud of their differences - celebrate them - it's
| what makes meeting others so interesting and visiting other cultures
| so exciting. Differences let us appreciate in others what we do
| not possess ourselves. We don't have to label every difference as
| "good" or "bad" - and IQ and atheletic ability certainly are two
| examples of differences that are neither good nor bad - just
| different.
| ...

I fully agree. When this starts to happen I will welcome
it. However, I don't see much of it going on in the world.
Employers don't celebrate the differences of applicants,
cops don't celebrate the differences of youths on the
streets, and when schools try to celebrate the differences
of their students they're savagely attacked as "multi-
culturalists", surely the epitome of all evil, and
necessitating long editorials in the _Wall_Street_Journal_
about values and Western Man.

How can we start this celebration?

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