Ed Finkel (
Wed, 8 Feb 95 13:32:29 -0500

I think it's fascinating how everyone who hasn't read The Bell Curve has a
definite opinion about it. So far I have not met one person face-to-face who
has actually read the book!
I have read it, and actually paid my own money for a copy.
Here's my five-line review:
This is a very well-written book, clear, beautifully organized, and
persuasive. It is based on some distortions and some of the research is flawed
and misrepresented. I think its basic intent is brilliantly evil, but the
genius of the book is that it contains a germ of truth, which is generally
unspoken, but impossible to deny. The real question is what we as a society
will do with the realities that we find, and the opportunities and challenges
that face us. Wringing our hands, complaining, and whining will not help us.
For an antidote to the book's arguments, read Howard Gardner's (ten-year old)
work called Frames of Mind.


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