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Wh> h> From: (whittet)
Wh> Newsgroups: sci.anthropology
Wh> Subject: Genetic traces of the Diffusion of Sea Peoples
Wh> Date: 25 Jan 1995 16:04:38 GMT

Wh> I happened across a chart in the library of a museum of comparitive
Wh> zoology in which I noted that the distribution of areas with
Wh> relatively higher percentages of Type B blood seems to follow the path
Wh> of colonization of the Ickthiophagi.

Wh> The diffusion of this culture seems to have begun about 3,000 BC on
Wh> the shores of the Erythrian Sea into which flowed the civilizations of
Wh> the Indus and Messopotamia, Dilmun, Maakan, Melhua, Mar-tu, Egypt,
Wh> Ethiopia Punt and the Western Techno Complex.

Steve: Where exactly is your starting point? Where is the Erytherian Sea?
Which shores? In modern terms. The Persian Gulf? Around Oman?



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