cross-cultural personality studies

P.F. van Leest (
Mon, 6 Feb 1995 17:58:54 GMT

I'm preparing a doctoral dissertation about "personality assessment of
people from ethnic minorities", in fact limited to use of personality
questionnaires in personnel selection.
I've done some research in the Netherlands, using data from people from
Suriname, Turkey and Morocco.

In the "theoretical" part I am focused on three issues.
1. Is it possible to use a "trait"approach cross-culturally. Many researchers
produces typologies of cultures, with less stress on differences within
cultures. Others claim in many non-western cultures behavior is more
determined by the (social) situation and based upon in-group norms, so
the concept of personality itself can be an "enforced etic".
2. Cross-cultural research on the "Big Five" personality traits, like the
studies of Bond, Church & Katigbak etc; also studies from Eastern Europe.
3. The search for real "etics" (e.g. Hofstede, Triandis, Chinese Culture
connection etcetera).

Are there other folks on the net who have the same research interest? I would
like to share literature lists and comments on the literature with them.
Other comments are of course welcome too.

Warm greetings,

Paul van Leest.

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