Re: "Sagan and Velikovsky" to appear in

Colin Rosenthal (rosentha@indigo)
3 Feb 1995 12:22:36 GMT

Kevin D. Conod ( wrote:
: >I find this remarkable, a kind of gentile form of book burning for the

I thought only gentiles burnt books.

: >sake of -- I suppose -- protecting the innocent from dangerous lies.

: Since when did protecting the innocent from harm become a bad thing?!

: >Whence this evangelical zeal to purify your bookseller's shelves?

: Hardly "evangelical," he doesn't want to destroy the books or stop people
: from reading them, they just don't belong in the science section.

: >Do you do this for other scientific books you deem to be in error?

: I don't know about Mr. Jackson, but I certainly do (and proud of it too).

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