John McCarthy (jmc@SAIL.Stanford.EDU)
29 Jan 1995 07:55:19 GMT

Here's something to encourage Mike Turton. Might even make him a
Republican. Newt Gingrich doesn't agree with the Bell Curve. He said
so on Jan 7 in the course he is teaching. Check out
which has transcripts of his lectures. He runs on a bit.

For those who are a bit slow he remarked,

And by the way, 42 people responded on america online this
week, and they also had 57 other people who downloaded
transcripts from compuserve and america on-line, and they
are available on our internet web page, which is on the
screen. Http.// And everybody who's watching who
doesn't have a clue what that means, that's fine, don't
worry about it. Sometime in the next decade, it will get to

Who ever typed the transcript didn't get the URL right. Sometime in
the next decade.

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