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>>Velikovsky's own words on this one are telling. Basically, he claimed
>>that the scientific establishment only had Einstein's entire life in
>>which to induce him to make some sort of a statement on record against
>>Velikovsky's ideas, and that the report we actually do see comes from
>>Einstein after his death. Sort of like taking candy away from a

Did Velikovsky actually say something like that? I would like to see the
quote if you have it at hand.

>If the side of the Einstein correspondence held by Velikovsky's
>heirs were the slightest bit supportive, why wouldn't they publish
>it? The conclusion is that it helps V.'s case not a whit.

There is a third "side" to this. His heirs are not letting any of his
papers or unpublished manuscripts be seen or published. This includes
several volumes of his that were ready to go to press. I think also that
the Einstein estate may have had some objections too. Early on Velikovsky
announced that one of the books he was preparing was his correspondence
with Einstein. It may well have been the Einstein estate that objected to
his printing them. As far as I know only the one encouraging letter
(noncommital about the theories) was ever published.

Does anyone have details on this? I know that some people even have
copies of some of this material and have wanted to publish it but have
been threatened with lawsuits if they do.

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