Re: "Sagan and Velikovsky" to appear in

Kevin D. Conod (
5 Feb 1995 19:37:53 GMT

>The conversation listed below is why the archeologists dislike this
>thread being posted to their newsgroup. Unlike, they are
>interested in doing science. They, and if as a geoarchaeologist, I can
>be counted as an archy, we could care less about people trading insults
>and babble about down Saturn and Up Uranus. If this thread actually had
>something to say about archaeology it would be welcome.

The idiot who started this thread cross-posted to sci.anthropology.
I have posted a few things to this thread, but I can't do a damn thing about
it appearing in sci.anthro or anywhere else because my software doesn't
allow me to change that! I think that is true of others as well. The
lesson to be learned is if you cross-post MAKE SURE the newsgroup is

Kevin Conod