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Remember, Lord Zilch is 23/32 white...

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>: >Okay, look. I've noticed a (negative?) CORRELATION between my libido and
>: >the regularity of my bowel movements. As another word for "correlation" is
>: >"COINCIDENCE," until somebody can _prove_ Ex-lax to be an effective
>: >aphrodisiac I'll continue to regard this subject as "an act of God." And
>: >nothing else.
>: Thank you for making the clarification on the other point. Here,
>: however, I am not sure whether you are admitting that there IS a
>: correlation between IQ and race and saying that it's not important, or
>: just sidestepping the issue.

If it's neither, then you must be saying either that:
1) There is a correlation between IQ and race and it IS important,
2) There is no correlation between IQ and race but it would be important
if there were,
3) There is no correlation between IQ and race and it wouldn't be
important if there were anyway.

>From the tone of your posts, I gather that you believe 3. However, you
never give any statistics or analysis which refutes the proposition that
IQ and race are correlated. You seem to say that IQ isn't important, so
given these two points, I don't understand why you don't say that there
is a correlation between IQ and race and it's not important.

>What I'm saying is that any hypothetical instances of
>"correlation between IQ and race" are only happy coincidences
>of the particular statistician's methods, influenced by whatever
>"personal baggage" s/he totes along, and that said "correlations"
>are phantasmogorical and therefore not worth the paper they're
>printed on

So they ARE correlations, yes?

>--thus absolutely worthless as topics for serious
>intellectual debate

Oh, I agree absolutely. I'm taking a study break. If I wanted serious
intellectual debate, I wouldn't be in a.f.r-l. I just like to watch your
self-righteous ego pump itself up.

>and as ingredients of social policy.

Again, absolute agreement. What does this have to do with the definition
of a correlation?

>I'm sure
>that I, or anyone else with decent software and an ax to grind,
>_could_ find correlations between "caucasianity" and vapid idiocy,
>child-molestation, political malfeasance and whatever other no-nos
>one might think of.

I'm sure you could. Of course, as a self-admitted 23/32 caucasian, you
would be grouping yourself in as well. Not that that's a bad thing. I'm
sure you correlate strongly with a bunch of no-nos.

>Would YOU then "admit" that MY "correlations"
>oughtta be riotously hosannaed and used to shape the law of the
>land? I.e. if I could concoct the appropriate data would you pledge
>allegiance to my Nigger Reich?

You have GOT to be kidding. I never said or even hinted that any racial
correlations should be the basis for public policy. You would need to
start an entirely different thread for that. Either this is a deliberate
strawperson argument, or you haven't been following your own thread very

>Going by this thread I'd have to find MY correlations between white
>skin and evil pseudostupidity to be mistaken: it's worse than I thought.

White skin correlates with evil pseudostupidity? What, is "stupidity"
too short a word to describe white folk? I've noticed a tendancy for
pseudointellectuals to put the prefix "pseudo" or "neo" in front of a lot
of words that don't need them. This suggests a correlation between ego
and verbosity. It would also explain the length of your posts and your
inability to answer a question straight.

>Is there anything you types won't stoop to to fulfill your plans for
>One World Government?

Huh? Where did the GreatMediaKonspiracy for OneWorldGovernment come
from? I must have missed that part of the thread. Maybe we should be
crossposting to alt.conspiracy.

>Incidentally, I posit that the melanin-impaired _can_ be redeemed by
>a thorough course of reeducation, vocational training and selective

I don't see how reeducation can really help albinos. I might need
clarification on this.

>But then, of course, they'll no longer "a whiter shade of
>pale!" Can I get a witness?

Oh, how 'hip'


Waiting for your next semi-coherent rave,

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