Re: Interesting contradiction in Genesis...

Lord Zilch (Zilch)
1 Feb 1995 03:59:50 GMT

SftwreBuff ( wrote:
: Chris Woodward (PSY) ( wrote:

: > If God didn't create the sun until day 4, then how did He keep
: > track of days 1-3 (since a literal day was measured by the sun)?

: In Genesis, Moses saw that God performed a certain amount of labor, or
: perhaps a type of labor. Then, having finished that, God paused and moved
: on to something else. For lack of a better way of explaining this, Moses
: interpreted these breaks as "days". So, in essense, what we read as days,
: was merely seven different work periods, not literal days.

Yeah, right, like _you_ were _there_. Uh-huh. So tell me, how often did
Moses brush his teeth?


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