Bearcat (
Sun, 5 Feb 1995 00:52:57 GMT wrote:
: (Frosch) wrote:

: > you wrote "australian" and meant
: > "non-aboriginal australian"

: That is pure guess on your part, and false. Once again,
: you show an almost morbid inability to accept that you
: less than telepathic.

If you're trying to dispel the impression that you are
dishonest, you have just taken 10 steps backward with this

: , just like you wrote "hindu" in two
: > posts (even after several objections) and meant "from the indian
: > subcontinent", not "an adherent of the hindu religion".

: Wrong again. Here's an idea: when you read something, try
: assuming that the writer meant what he said.

And conversely, when you write something, try to remember
not only the topic, but the statements you have previously
made on the subject.

- Bearcat