Re: Interesting contradiction in Genesis...

Aaron ben Saul (
27 Jan 1995 12:29:49 -0500 (Chris Woodward (PSY)) writes:
<lots of stuff skipped>
>Actually, I already knew that. I was trolling to see who would answer...
>hoping to snare a YEC. There are other things that put Moses' author-
>ship of the Pentateuch in doubt, not the least of which is that it con-
>tains an account of Moses' own death...

Jewish tradition has two answers to that last one. 1) Prophecy. (Like that's
going to satisfy non-believers.) 2) Joshua wrote the last eight sentences
after Moses's death. By the way, at least in Jewish tradition, Moses is
strictly speaking not the author of the Pentateuch, but merely the transcriber,
G-d Him/Herself* having dictated it to him during the 40 years in the

*Pardon the awkwardness of the expression, but I haven't found a better way to
refer to G-d without implying something wrong or being derogatory.