Re: Race - definitions, please!

Jerry Christopher Drake (
Fri, 3 Feb 1995 11:26:49 -0600

Please, sir, pick up any recent introduction to anthropology text book,
or better yet, take a class in the subject. The American Anthropological
Association just passed an affirmation which, in affect, killed the
notion of race as you know it. I will quote it after I have a chance to
dig it out of my stuff. Race, these days, is really nothing more than a
breedinf population. All humans are a member of the SAME race. What you
are referring to as "race" is nothing more that physiological and
adaptive differences which occur among our species--i.e. brown cows and
white cows; brown people and white people. Any definition of race beyond
that is nothing more than an artificial designation and purely groundless.