Re: Evolution Conclusively Disproved

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27 Jan 95 15:17:51 GMT

Thomas Kavanagh <> writes:

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>> >> 3) Pig hearts are used for human heart transplants.
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>> >What? data please?
>> baboon hearts seem to be more commonly chosen for the (still very
>> rare) interspecies heart transplants.

>Once again, I ask data please. As I recall the doctor who did
>the "rare", that is , once, baboon transplant justified it because of
>the similarity in size not nearness of species; indeed he noted that
>he did not beleive in evolution.

what the hell data do you want? you state yourself that
there has been a baboon heart transplant. from my reading of
science journal, there have been several, and there have been
tentative plans for establishing baboon colonies as sources
for human hearts as transition measures for people awaiting a
human heart donor. the issue is hotly debated among medical
practitioners because of the fear of introducing new viruses
across species lines.

if you can find even one pig whole heart transplant, let
me know. i haven't heard of one. and frankly, the beliefs of
the doctor in question could interest me less.