Re: REQ: Info on P J Bohannan

Scott D Frank (
5 Feb 1995 06:34:36 GMT

Henrick Karlsson ( wrote:
: Information needed on anthropologist Paul J Bohannan, and his work
: among the Tiv of Nigeria. What years, books/articles written on the
: subject etc. All information appreciated.
: Thank you very much.
You luck out....the class I'm teaching is using PJB's book, so there's
a little author bio at the end, including two lousy pictures....(Hey, he
looks like Col. Sanders! Really!).

info from bio: born Lincoln, Neb. U.S. Army for 5 years during
WWII.....began studies at U of Arizona, then got a Rhodes Scholarship and
finished everything up at Oxford....He has also gone to the Chicago
instute for Psycholanalysis and the USC Professional Wrting
Program....worked with the Tiv between 1949 and 1953, has also done
fieldwork in San Francisco, and San Diego (boy, life is hard, neh?) That's
all she wrote, mon ami. Good luck finding more

U. of Mass, where there is a bazillion in ches of snow on the ground