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>> (Derek Abbott) wrote:
>>> 3) Pig hearts are used for human heart transplants.


>>What? data please?

> i think that the transplantation point generally speaking is
>correct, though i think it was liver/pancreas rather than heart.
>baboon hearts seem to be more commonly chosen for the (still very
>rare) interspecies heart transplants.

> but the premise is entirely weak unless it can be shown that
>the reason for transplant success is *similarity* of antigens and
>not the *absence* or *reduction* of antigens in pigs that would
>lead to rejection. using the same kind of logic - most transplants
>from one human being to another are strongly rejected - one could
>conclusively reject the idea that humans are descended from adam
>and eve. clearly we are far too different from another to have
>descended from a single - uhh - married couple.

I don't know about whole-heart transplants from pigs, but a friend had heart
surgery at Hershey Medical Center in (I believe) 1981 which included a triple
bypass and replacement of one valve with the valve from a pig's heart. He did
fine for 13 years (it was supposed to last for approx. 8 years), but died last
year from a stroke.

> annette

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