Re: Buried Life

Jan van Puffelen (
2 Feb 1995 20:37:26 GMT wrote:
> In article <>, (Gerold Firl) writes:
> >How many samples of the etruscan language have been preserved? I am under
> >the impression that samples exist, but they have yet to be deciphered; when
> >and if they are, a valuable window on the history of europe will be opened.
> Sorry, no source, but I seem to recall that the etrurian language can
> be considered deciphered. However, the number of written texts
> is not all that great to give much insight. (I must have read this in
> a newspaper article.)
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Yes, several Greek-Etruscan bilingual artefacts have been found.
If anyone is interested I can dig up some references.

Jan van Puffelen