Re: Evolution Conclusively Disproved

Carl J Lydick (carl@SOL1.GPS.CALTECH.EDU)
4 Feb 1995 06:05:48 GMT

In article <3gmjvc$>, (Derek Abbott) writes:
=In article <> (Dr. John Berryhill) writes:
=:In article <3g88cm$> (Phil Nicholls) writes:
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=::Derek Abbott <> wrote:
=:::Here's conclusive evidence that evolution as we know it is incorrect:
=:::1) Pig meat is the closet to human meat
=::In what way is human meat similar to pig meat?
=:Ask a dermatologist. Pigs are often used to test wound treatment
=:techniques because their skin is the best animal model of human
=See I told y'all. Even more fuel for the fire.

Actually, if you ask a dermatologist, he'll tell you, among other things, pigs
are much cheaper lab animals than are chimps, and the animal-rights activists
don't make as big a fuss over them. Also, there's the fact that chimps are
much hairier than either animals or pigs, so in that sense, anyway, their skin
is a good animal model of human skin.

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