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2 Feb 1995 21:12:12 GMT

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: >This is what is called "patrilineal" in the Jewish community.
: >Isn't this what all civilized people do? Huh? :)

: Actually, only Reform Jews. Conservative and Orthodox do not.
: BTW, I find the statement "what all civilized people do" to be a rather
: unusual statement to make in the context of anthropology.

Sheesh! Have you no sense of sarcasm, pal?

: >4) Bilineal -- One's lineage is inherited from both parents, but
: > not all aspects equally. For example one might
: > inherit family identity from the father, but
: > tribal identity from the mother.
: >
: >What kind of weird thing is that? Who does that? The Papuans????

: Actually, this is the traditional-Jewish system. Rather than pure
: Matrilineal. The status as Jew is inherited through the mother, while
: the tribal status is inherited through the father. My mother is a Levite,
: but I am not a Levite since my father is not. Nu?

No kidding!
What kind of name is Solomon Taibi, anyway? Papuan????? :) :)
NOW do you get it?

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