Re: Evolution Conclusively Disproved

Mark Thomen (thomen@stlvm4.VNET.IBM.COM)
Wed, 1 Feb 95 16:10:08 PST

In <> Bruce Goldfarb <> writes:
>On 25 Jan 1995, Derek Abbott wrote:
>> Here's conclusive evidence that evolution as we know it is incorrect:
>> 1) Pig meat is the closet to human meat
>> 2) Pig milk is the closest to human breast milk
>> 3) Pig hearts are used for human heart transplants.
>Ha! Ha! A person with this much brain capacity, I wouldn't trust with
>sharp objects.

Could it just POSSIBLY be that this was nothing more than a troll, and the
poster achieved their purpose?

>> Maybe we are descended from pigs.
>Um, no, actually only cops are.

I assume this was either tongue-in-cheek, or also a troll?