Little Ice Age, Plains natives, and other topics (was: Questions about Starvation and War)

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>>3. The Little Ice Age might have been very stressful for American
>>Indians. Areas that could support a substantial population
>>previously, might cause starvation when there were several bad
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>I just read from an authoritative source that the
>Little Ice Age was a time of *increased* populations
>of Plains bison and humans, largely because of en-
>hanced precipitation. I'm working now on permission
I recommend to you

a marvelous articles called "Horses on the Plains" that
Thomas Kavanagh from Bloomington just posted to ANTHRO-L.
Mention there of the Little Ice Age is incidental to his
succinct but exact history of the material conditions of
Plains life before and after the horse. I'm sure it will
pique your thinking, for which you should thank not only
Dr. Kavanagh, but also Danny Yee, who maintains marvelous
archives for ANTHRO-L, sci.anthropology*, ...


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