Re: Julian Jaynes

Bob Ingria (
1 Feb 95 16:51:50

In article <> (Adrian Bianco) writes:
> Cary Grant wrote:
> > it is now widely believed, in fact scientifically proven (after the work
> > of Chomsky and others) that our language capacity is hard wired in to our
> > brains. We have, in fact, a language organ in our brains which switches
> > on early and absorbs language in a profound way.......

Neural networks have been built that can perform some linguisic tasks
that Chomsky said was impossible without some hard wired language system. They
learn the rules of grammmer and the exceptions to those rules using the same
mechanism. Anyhow this connectionist stuff brings into doubt Chomskys theory,
alough I can`t remember who did the stuff... sorry.

There are currently no language processing systems, whether rule-based
(knowledge-based) or based on probabilistic/classifier systems of
whatever sort, that perform anywhere near human performance on any
linguistic task. Without such a level of performance, any claims that
such and such a system (particularly an uncited system) has disproved
anyone's claims about language strikes me as premature.

Bob Ingria
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