What is it with this group?

Jason M. Hare (jhare@beta.tricity.wsu.edu)
Tue, 24 Jan 1995 03:05:28 GMT

First this group was sci.anthro.gil.hugh.charcter.assisinate, now we have
Ms McInnis and her americanaphobe prattle about Bible-bashing whatevers...

Doesn't anyone just talk about anthro? Geez, its bad enough listening to
sci.archaeology.martians...I got my Kill file so full I get maybe one
post a day...real anthro..I guess I was blind sided by McInnis because I
did'nt see her coming...now its yet another thread to kill...Oh screw it

I leave this miserable group to those who trash it up....

Jason M. Hare
North American PaleoScience

BTW-those who are interested in Tibetan Archaeology can e-mail me here
for info about trips over there...and a book coming out in 1996 or 1997...