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Sun, 29 Jan 1995 04:42:33 GMT

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Kevin D. Conod <> wrote:
>>The number of charlatans that invoke "scientific" status to their ideas
>>is, of course, a nuisance. But, what upsets me the most is the arrogance
>>and contempt with which the High Priests of Science (for example Sagan)
>>defend the dogmas of the present scientific establishment.
>And, uh, this is a bad thing? That's their job! T(ey're _supposed_ to
>defend the current theories. What would happen to our "world view" if it
>changed everytime some charlatan had a stupid idea?

"Our" world view? Is science a kind of doctrine, with articles of faith
to which one must confess in order to be counted among the scientifically
saved? Maybe it should be if this collective world view stands on such
shaky ground that any charlatan with a stupid idea could cause the
faithful masses to waver. No, the High Priests and their Grand
Inquisitors must never themselves waver in their vigilance, lest Our World
View (heaven forbid) change.

Gerry Palo


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