Re: Race, intelligence, and anti-racist prejudice (Was: Genetic Evolution)

Tom Lathrop (
Sun, 29 Jan 1995 23:50:56 GMT

In article <3ggvbv$>, J Lopez <> wrote:
>Mr. Lathrop, you make some excellent points, particularly in your
>conclusion. It appears that of all those favoring the genetic explanation,
>you, by a wide margin, give the clearest and most well-reasoned comments.
>Clearly, remarks such as yours do not help in the quest to demonize your
>sentiments, but it is becoming increasingly clear that this demonizing
>effort has reached a point of diminishing returns (and perhaps even
>negative returns) in the American psyche.
>Also, the fact that you have shown the ability to empathize (though
>disagree) with "our side" leads me to believe that you have reached
>an informed decision on these matters. I certainly do not agree with
>you, yet I applaud your rationality. I encourage all those who still
>foolishly believe all racists are ignoramuses to examine your words very
>(Pardon me if I ascribe the label "racist" to you incorrectly. It is my
>impression that you wear it without shame.)

Thank you for your comment. Although I put myself in the line of fire
deliberately enough (on those rare occasions when I have time to
post!), I can't say I like being vilified, so it's nice to be treated
with respect. I really do try very hard when arguing my position to be
objective and civil. I'm sure I fail sometimes (like everybody), but I
must say I'm appalled at the number of people on "my side" who don't
even appear to make the effort.

About the word "racist". I consider myself a racist because I believe
the races differ in important ways, including intelligence, and because
I identify myself as "white", and feel a certain loyalty toward whites
as a group, which includes a reluctance to see them outbred and overrun
by non-whites. But being a racist can also mean hating members of
other races. This is another thing altogether, and I don't think I'm
that sort of racist. I see non-whites as being as human as myself, and
I have no difficulty working with them. If my daughter were to marry a
black man, I would be quite unhappy, but I would not disown her, nor
would I go out of my way to make his life miserable.

The word racist can have yet another meaning. It can mean someone who
commits violent acts against members of other races, simply because of
their race. This is entirely unacceptable. I said I feel loyalty
toward whites, who I see as "my people", but this loyalty is not
unlimited. I am not willing to participate in a race war, and if that
is what is necessary to preserve the separate identity of my people
then I will simply concede defeat.

But I don't think things have gone that far yet, and one of my goals
here on the Net is to try to reach out to mainstream whites who share
my discomfort at the way things are headed, and try to convince them
that it is not intrinsically wicked or loutish to care about being
white, and that there are still morally acceptable actions that whites
can take to preserve their group identity and interests. To describe
this as racist seems fair enough, as long as some effort is made to
distinguish between different kinds of racists, instead of just using
the word as a useful synonym for "devil".

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