Re: Evolution Conclusively Disproved

Thomas Kavanagh (
31 Jan 1995 18:00:04 GMT (Frosch) wrote:
> Thomas Kavanagh <> writes:
> > (Frosch) wrote:
> >>
> >> Thomas Kavanagh <> writes:
> >>
> >> > (Frosch) wrote:
> >> >> what the hell data do you want?
> >>
> >> >Please follow the thread. Find a real instance of a whole pig
> >> >transplant, a baboon transplant that was _not_ rejected by the
> >> >host, a citation for a baboon farm. And, while we're at it, ask
> >> >whether a trans-species transplant doctor who does not beleive in
> >> >evolution should be entrusted with your heart.
> >>
> >>
> >> one of the more repulsive misrepresentations i have seen in
> >> a while. you delete the rest of my post without marking it,
> >> completely misrepresent the content (lies would be more direct)
> >> and then attempt to make me responsible for a series of claims i
> >> have not made. i don't think that earns further response.
> >>
> >> annette
> >>
> >>
> >Please follow the thread.
> >All I asked for was data. For such it is unnecessary to quote
> >entire posts. I did not introduce vulgarity, nor make false
> >accusations of missrepresentation.
> no, you _made_ the misrepresentations, which would have
> been difficult without deleting the rest of my post. re-read
> what i have written and, if you have the decency, withdraw your
> claims about what statements i made. oh, and about 'vulgarity',
> too.
> >I must agree with the other poster that what we have here is
> >a troll under the bridge.
> and? so someone trolls. this disqualifies every other
> piece of data that enters the discussion? including ones
> which _you_ have presented (and then disingenuously asked me
> for 'data' about).
> annette

Hey, lighten up. I didn't ask you (at least not originally) for
data, I asked Derek, who was making such preposterous claims
about pigs and evolution. You entered the discussion in the
middle--thus my remark about following the thread. Then you
stated that there were baboon farms to provide hearts for
transplanting and I asked you for data, noting that I know of
only one baboon-to-human heart transplant, by a doctor who
didn't believe in evolution.

You may believe that I have misrepresented you by <snipping>
your post to the end:

>what the hell data do you want?

I can only respectfully submit that I thought the <snipped> parts
were irrelevant to the request for data, i.e. names, dates, places,
citations, etc. If you indeed provided that data in the <snipped>
parts then please excuse my quick delete, if not, then can you
provide us with same.