Re: Vampires in Egypt

31 JAN 95 07:34:39 EST (Rick Carlson) writes:
| writes:
|>I am looking for any references to vampires in ancient egypt. Myth has it that
|>that is where it originated, and was wondering if anyone knows of any ancient
|>references to any vampire - like activity.
|>All responses will be much appreciated.
|>Kristi Weyland
|You might try looking in the Urban Folklore newsgroup. The only references to
|vampires in Egypt I have ever heard of is from books written by Chelsea Quinn
|Yarbro. Her Saint Germaine character is supposed to have been turned into a
|vampire by one that had set himself up as a god in ancient Egypt. I believe
|this was explained in _Path of the Eclipse_ and I have seen a recent release
|of her newest work of fiction where she returns to the beginning and tells the
|tale of how this all came about in more detail.

Perhaps better known are Anne Rice's "Vampire Tapestry" novels, starting
with _Interview_with_the_Vampire_, the basis of the recent hit movie;
in that series also, vampirism is supposed to have started in Egypt, and
we even meet the two original Egyptian-pharaoh-vampires in later books.

I don't know of ANY real historical basis for this story line.

I seriously doubt that there is any. It's a matter of creative writing.

At best, you could create a speculative theory tying together the Book
of the Dead (the Book of Coming Forth by Day) and aerial/blood-demonic
figures from Biblical and related lore such as Lilith and Asmodeus.

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