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>I am looking for any references to vampires in ancient egypt. Myth has it that

>that is where it originated, and was wondering if anyone knows of any ancient

>references to any vampire - like activity.
>All responses will be much appreciated.
>Kristi Weyland

You might try looking in the Urban Folklore newsgroup. The only references to
vampires in Egypt I have ever heard of is from books written by Chelsea Quinn
Yarbro. Her Saint Germaine character is supposed to have been turned into a
vampire by one that had set himself up as a god in ancient Egypt. I believe
this was explained in _Path of the Eclipse_ and I have seen a recent release
of her newest work of fiction where she returns to the beginning and tells the
tale of how this all came about in more detail.
I am not an expert on vampires but they seem to have been more of a phenomenon
associated with the Caucasus and Balkin mountains, not Egypt. We could go into
the old stories about Vlad the Impaler etc, etc, etc, but I don't think you
will find any Egyptian stories. OTOH you might, so good luck!


Rick Carlson

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