Re: Evolution Conclusively Disproved

Larry C. Lyons (
31 Jan 1995 00:10:45 GMT

In article <3gim0a$> David R. Conrad, writes:
>>There was a recent case where a number of horror books were being sold that had
>>accidently been impregnated with the smell of burned flesh of
>>a man who immolated himself in a post office where those books were in
>Reference? Sounds like an urban legend.

Actually not. The mail order book catalog published by Barry Levin was
offering one of these for about $50 or so. The author's name was Poppy Z.
Bright. The book title was "Swamp Foetus."

The Minneapolis book dealer Dream Haven was recently selling another
Poppy Z. Bright book that was beside a microwave that exploded. They said
that this book smelled like burned kale.

Maybe there's a conspiracy among book dealers to increase the sales of
Ms. Bright's books through aroma therapy.