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>: Buried Life
>: Cinerary Urn
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Thanks for the forward. I really enjoyed _buried life_. It evoked strongly
the unique and fascinating feel of etruscan culture, from one who clearly
senses it at an emotional level.

>: When this urn became a resident of the tumulus, the Etruscan language
>: was understood, and it was spoken, shouted, screamed, and sung.......
>: .........This was before Etruria died. Or at least we think of it as
>: having died. But did it? .... Where there is continuity of land, will not
>: traces of human culture endure longer than a mere hunk of terra-cotta?

I would say so. I think there was more continuity between etruria and rome
than commonly believed, and that the ancient spirit of the etruscans is
still visible in the art and culture of renaissance fiorenze.

How many samples of the etruscan language have been preserved? I am under
the impression that samples exist, but they have yet to be deciphered; when
and if they are, a valuable window on the history of europe will be opened.

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