Re: Evolution Conclusively Disproved

Lloyd Paul Verhage (
30 Jan 1995 07:38:36 -0600 (Derek Abbott) writes:

>Here's conclusive evidence that evolution as we know it is incorrect:

>1) Pig meat is the closet to human meat
>2) Pig milk is the closest to human breast milk
>3) Pig hearts are used for human heart transplants.

Of course, you mention nothing about the genetics of pigs and humans
(verses apes). Why is that? Would it show we are more similiarly
related to apes then pigs? What does structure have to do with it, when its
genes that are inherited?

Go buy a clue form Vanna.

>If we were really descended from apes then why isn't ape milk & meat nearer
>to us than pig's? Why are pig's hearts better than chimpanzee hearts for

I've never heard of a pig's heart being tranplanted into a human
before, have you?

I've have heard of a baboon's heart being used in transplant

Who says pig's milk is more like human milk? (refernce please)

>Maybe we are descended from pigs.

Perhaps you are.

>Let's admit it folks: evolution is a blindly followed fundamentalist doctrine.

You're just another victim of of fundamentalist doctrine.