Re: Meat-eaters and bone loss

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30 Dec 1996 17:15:34 GMT

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>dalford wrote:
>> Talk to any anthropologist who looks at skeletons, and you'll learn
>> hunting ancestors had vastly more bone mass than people do today.
>Those that I talked to would certainly not state this as fact, but if
>is true for those that David talked to, it is extremely interesting.
>> And yes, that might be a correlation [to bone mass] as well, since
they also
>> exercised more.
>There are also other factors of potential benefit: Prehistoric
>hunter-gatherers spent more time in the sun (which increases
>of vitamin D) and they had low intakes of phytic acid (which inhibits
>calcium absorption) and salt (which increases urinary losses of
>Staffan Lindeberg MD PhD

When you lift heavy weights, the bone thickens, in order to handle the
increased load and the increased muscle/tendon mass. Strength
atheletes have thicker bones than sedentary people.

Gatherer/hunters, even those who spend minimal amounts of time locating
food, lead an athletic existence. They lift babies, firewood, baskets
of food, rocks, building materials, and so on. And they do it daily.
The key to preventing bone loss is lifting heavy weights regularly.
This is the way we are designed by Nature to live.

People in the West, especially Americans, need to get off of this
obsession with "finding the right food." Just putting things in one's
mouth is not the answer to all problems.

Oh well, I'm way off on a tangent again.

Dr. Doug