Re: Racism and ancient history

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30 Dec 1996 14:21:05 GMT

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: All racists are We people. (As you say, Me people might *use* racism
: for selfish ends, but as Me people, they cannot, by definition, be
: racist. Only We people are racist, unpleasant as that fact may appear
: to you.
: Unfortunately, the We living organism which sees *all* others as
: brothers and sisters does not exist. But not so unfortunately. Such
: a case would obviate the possibility of evolution, thence the
: possibility of you and me. The New Man of Marx and Mao and communism
: cannot be constructed, a lesson history has made pretty clear.

I read an interseting article on pyschology, once, which stated
that everyone has some kind of 'enemy pictures' or negative stereotypes,
simply because man has to generalize in order to cope with the world.
This extends beyond racism, but to keep it at that level, it suggested
that, for instance, caucasian €(permit me to use that term) people who
are are fervously anti-racist often create an enemy picture of themselves or
their own unity, be it then racial or communal, etc.
A picture of Germans as short-haired, disciplined, hard working, and straight
backed people was considerd, very much, an enemy picture.

Just figured I'd add this to the conversation.

Happy New Year!