Re: Proposal for Kook of the Month: Re: WHO/WHAT is Ed Conrad?

Jiri Mruzek (
Wed, 25 Dec 1996 02:29:28 -0800

Dan Yertzell wrote:
> Vladimir Vooss <> wrote in article

> But haven't you read his latest drivel? In order to build pyramids, we
> would need alien assistance! :-)

Wrong! But, to build one in the G.P. class we certainly would require
a large loan of galactic credits beyond the financial potency of any
particular modern government. Even if we had the yen, we know of no
Lo-tech methods, which would produce the same Hi-Tech results. Tis the
reason, why no one has yet given a nice, all-around, scaled down
You certainly couldn't - as I have never seen you participate in the
debates we had here previously on the subject. Where do you get the nerve
to imply otherwise?
Jiri (one of the insane)