Re: Lucy's current status -- in the fossil record or out?

Al Curtis (
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 00:59:45 GMT

"Michael J. Gallagher" <MIKEJOE@Prodigy.Net> wrote:

>Is the hominid fossil known as "Lucy" still considered a part of the
>fossil record of human evolution? If not, when did this change and why?

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>Michael J. Gallagher

"Lucy", a member of the species named Australopithecus afarensis is
still the subject of some controversy. Many paleoanthropologists
consider A. afarensis to be on the branch that led directly to H.
habilis (a species which itself is somewhat controversial) to H.
erectus to H. sapiens. However, there have been many different types
of hominid fossils found which have been assigned to the genus
Australopithecus and it is still not certain which of these diverse
types led to humans.

p.s. My money is on Lucy