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>On 18 Dec 1996 12:16:43 GMT, (Ed Conrad) wrote:
>>Dave Fellin was one of two miners entombed for 14 days inside an
>>anthracite mine near the village of Sheppton, Pa., in August 1963
>>until he and Hank Throne were miraculously rescued by being pulled to
>>the surface through a borehole.
>[ snip snip snippety snip ]
>This is a depressing read.
>I've been lurking here to pick up some understanding of times past.
>I'm a history buff, with no academic credentials what so ever. I'm a
>computer programmer and a writer...
>But instead of reading about the wondrous finds of the sunken palace
>of Cleopatra, or discussions on the symbolism represented by the
>cuneiform tablets (if there was any) I find myself reading that man is
>not capable of greatness, of achievement. All his wonders are really
>made by aliens.
>In another post I read that man is set apart from evolution. That
>there really was giants walking the earth before man. It is sad, so
>horribly sad, that our times has produced such a pessimism. I would
>call these kinds of post homophobic, in the meaning they are
>anti-human rather than in the meaning that the words has gained
>Do you really not think that man is capable of anything worthwhile? Do
>you? Do you not believe in the miracle of man's inventiveness? Do you
>not believe that a man could, like Archimedes (I think) cry 'Heureka!'
>and rush off to start work on something wonderful?
>Doesn't anyone recognise the miracle in the fact that we, the sons and
>daughters of the alges in the primeval soup has intelligence, wit,
>compassion, love, ambition, and ideas?

Ignore Conrad. His posts bear the same relation to intelligent
discourse that horseflies do to horses: Frequently seen together, but
totally different phyla.

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