The Ruins at Nan Madol

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Sun, 22 Dec 1996 12:41:26 -0500

The Ruins at Nan Madol in the Caroline Islands of Micronesia

This virtual photo album is intended to expose more people to the Ruins
of Nan Madol. In
September, 1985, the ruins were designated by the U.S. Department of
Interior as a National
Historical Landmark. This places the ruins on the U.S. National Register
of Historic Places
with the safeguards and benefits of the U.S. historical protection laws
to the site. Nan
Madol, the Reef of Heaven, is one of archaeology€s best kept secrets.
This complex covers
nearly 150 acres in shallow water at low tide. Radiocarbon dates the
material from Nan
Madol as old as 1200 AD. Recent diggings below the tidal level indicate
occupation as early
as 200 BC.

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