Re: Anthropology Book Gift Ideas?

Jay Bernstein (
Mon, 23 Dec 1996 03:01:34 GMT

In article <>, Sean Purdy
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> Hello. I'm looking for suggestions for a recent book in anthropology to
> give to a colleague. She is now a museum curator but did an MA in the 70s
> in biological anthropology. I'm not quite sure what this is but her
> research was on monkeys in Mexico. But she is still interested in the
> subject of anthropology generally. Can anybody suggest any recent books,
> including more popular ones for laypersons, that I could give as a gift?
> Thanks, Sean

Spirits Captured in Stone: Shamanism and Traditional Medicine Among the
Taman of Borneo, by Jay H. Bernstein. Boulder, Colo. and London: Lynne
Rienner Publishers. 1997. LC:96-43233. Hardcover: ISBN:
1-55587-691-9. $49.95. Paperback: ISBN:1-55587-692-7. $17.95.

Available in January in bookstores or from Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1800
30th Street, Suite 314, Boulder, CO 80301-1026, USA. Tel, 303-444-6684. Fax